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If you can say yes to any of these thoughts, you may want to consider counseling:

Life seems hard. I’m sad a lot. Worry consumes me. I’m mad all the time. I can’t control what I do.

It can be a personal path to aid you in the healing journey. Would you like to move towards fullness and freedom?

“My goal is to help you know and love the person you were made to be, and to help you live it out.”


Sometimes, we just need a different perspective to help us see the truth.

Life can be weary and overwhelming. And, sometimes we can’t figure out why we feel the way we do. It feels like a downward spiral of negative self-talk or hurtful emotions. When we begin down that path, our energy levels drop, relationships start to show signs of fracture, and negative thoughts can take over. We want to get off this cycle.

If life seems to be out of control, or even if you can’t identify what the barriers are, counseling can change your life by working through these struggles – even the ones that seem insurmountable.

Counseling can be your first step.


Counseling is a uniquely personal process.

While in counseling, you will have to discuss hard topics and dive into areas that may be troubling you. Be prepared to do the work that will equip you to heal and live the life you were made to live.

This requires trust. I will be your partner and navigator. But to do that, we must first get to know each other. We will start off with a consultation, where we will define the foundation for our future time together. After this initial conversation, we will establish our next steps.

At its’ most effective, counseling sessions are a place where deep sharing happens. And, just like any good relationship, special consideration is made to reflect the unique aspects and qualities of the individual. I use a holistic and integrative approach which allows me to utilize the methods and strategies that are best for you.


    I use various treatment therapies and modalities depending on your unique needs. A few of the therapies I may use in session are listed here:


    The client/ counselor relationship is critical to healing. I want to provide a judgment-free and unconditional atmosphere so you can help yourself understand your situation and your world. In this therapy, I help you direct your own healing. 


    Problems you are having may be based on unhelpful ways of thinking.  CBT helps clients change these unhelpful thinking patterns. There may be times we glimpse into your past, but the primary focus is on your present, helping you develop more helpful ways of coping with life.


    This is the study of what makes your life worth living.  In other words, it is an approach to looking at your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, focusing on your strengths instead of weaknesses.  In general, the greatest advantage of this therapy is that it teaches you the power of shifting your perspective. 


    This therapy helps you to be fully present in the now. It helps you to be attentive of your thoughts and physical bodily responses so you can be better at handling your day to day feelings and issues.



I can relate to many of my clients because I’ve been on a path similar to the one they’re now traveling. I’ve experienced many of life’s struggles and, at first, had to process those hurdles alone without someone else to talk with. So I want to be there for you to help you navigate life’s rocky waters.

I saw a counselor in those times of trial, and that person helped me shine a new light on the situation, find the positives, and establish new hope. I’m a good listener and understand that this is a process best taken with someone else in your corner.

You are individually made, so my suggestions and strategies are also unique – made to fit you and your life.


Hi, I’m Patsy Andow-Plum

I am an Ohio licensed professional counselor having received my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Xavier University.

My desire for you is to live the life you were meant to live. I have hope for everyone I meet, because just by coming to a counseling session, you have already taken a crucial step forward. I take a holistic approach, focusing on you as a whole person and as a unique individual, by providing you with personalized strategies that will help you grow and change. These strategies may be challenging at times, though are designed to be beneficial to your development.

I don’t know many people who like to be told what to do, so I want to give you that same respect. I may offer feedback and suggestions for ”home” work, while also wanting your thoughts and insights regarding this work. Together, we will build a strategy that will help you live out your potential.

I’m a nature lover and enjoy being out in the woods exploring God’s world. As a professional Registered Architect, I like creating through hands-on experiences. I also express myself through music; singing, playing the piano, and ballroom dancing. My husband and I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. On great weather days, we go on long and short rides on our motorcycle.


People seek counseling for different reasons. Sometimes there is a specific event or reason that is identified. And, sometimes it is uncertainty or disruption around parts of their life or relationships that drive the decision.

Grief and Loss

Loss of a person, pet, job, hope, dream… We will discuss what grief/loss is and find healthy ways for you to cope and heal.


Don’t want to do anything? Little motivation? Feeling unable? There is hope, we will find it together.

Anxiety and Stress

Feeling overly worried or nervous? Stressed in everyday situations? Let’s look at these together and come up with a plan that can help you.


Difficult relationships, can’t figure them out. Let’s help your relationships grow stronger and thrive.

Work and Career

Work is draining, all-consuming. Find healthy ways to take control of your career.

Life Issues

Daily living can be complicated, hectic and stressful. Let’s put meaning and margin in your life.

Anger Issues

Angry with people, circumstances, or just about everything? Let’s work on tools and techniques to help you control the anger, instead of it controlling you.

Eating Issues

Poor diet, eating too much, eating too little? We can work together to establish a healthy relationship with food.

Spiritual Struggles

How do I integrate my faith with the things happening in my life? Is there a God? Identify the struggle and discover what’s best for you.


Are you deeply distressed or disturbed by something that has happened in your life? Recovery can be extremely challenging. You don’t have to do it alone.


Other people’s issues affecting you?  Wanting to control their behaviors?  Learn how to take care of what you can take care of.

“Just by being here, you’ve taken the first step. Let’s continue the journey.”


It’s critical for your growth that we ensure that we are a good match for each other – I can’t help you discover your potential if you aren’t comfortable sharing with me. Please fill out this form, and I will send you a reply with some available times to connect on the phone (this is your Free Phone Consultation). And then we will take it from there. Thanks for trusting me in this process, for being brave, and making a connection!

ADDRESS: 6969 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242

PHONE: (513) 716-5043

EMAIL: patsy@plum-life.net


After a phone consultation, please read the welcome letter, download the other forms, fill them out, and return at your first session.

Welcome Letter

iConsent Form

Client Info Form

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